Today when i start writing I am wondering how Mallishka RJ on red fm speak so well. Her Hindi and her accent is so shudh . Of course when she wants it to be. She is born and brought up Mumbai. I keep disliking Bambaiyya Hindi inspite of years in Mumbai.
Then at a friend s house warming party, I met a lady who taught students Hindi and Urdu and accents and voice modulation. Sh e was from Delhi and i said oh that says it all. I asked her what made her shift to mumbai so recently. She said i moved because my daughter wanted to join movies. I almost choked on my Seven Up.
Now you might think that i just drink Seven Up at parties. Let me tell you a few home truths- I hardly attend parties. I hate seven up. I love Thums Up. Thums Up is my all time favourite drink because it brings fresh childhood memories. Movies with jhaal Muri and Thums up. I could never eat those samosas. My children dont know non ac theatre kaisa hota hai. Like they dont know how to use an Indian toilet till we visited Dhanbad for a wedding. Travelling is a big leveller.
My friend in Jharia was a bengali. She had a huge one storied makkan with eight bedrooms most of which were locked because the family preferred sleeping together on the ground floor. the Gran wore prisitine whites. the fridge could not have non veg
beacuse she was a pure vegetarian. the non veg gas and vessels were in a seperate kitchen. All her vacations were to Calcutta. So much excitement for thse trips,Maa go........


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