Sense of achievement... wow! I was very excited last night about writing. I didn t sleep a wink for the  first half an hour because i wanted to write more. What will I write about and who will I offend if I write. 
Dinner table conversation was all about blog. It was the latest 'it' word in my life. The husband was happy  that wife had a new creative outlet. So there were only two people in the world who had read it. The other was ofcourse me. "Good no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors," was his comment. I said" that too with the baby sleeping on my lap." I make a big issue of doing things well with my children around.
Thank you Mrs Samuel from Mt Carmel, Dighwadih and Nirmala miss and Kuldeep miss. I remembered three of them and my Mom ofcourse. Thank you speeches mein yeh bolna jaroori hota hai and I really mean it. With Mom , thanks are never enough.
Mom had to stand against the world to put me in a convent schoool which was around ten kilometres away. All of them went to Gujarati school, yes we had one in Jharia, which later became a Hindi school. Mom s head master Maku bhai used to visit us some evenings and talk about students I had only heard of. He was a calm sweet short man and wore specs like Suri from rab ne. Could not imagine he managed thousands of brats. He was super cool. Sometimes Gran used to call him for lunch on Purnmashi if she could not get another Brahmin to our place. They were in demand on Punam and Ekadashi. Feeding them and giving them dakshina was so auspicous.
Maku bhai always said Mom and Dad were very good students. They had a co educational school. I went to a prim and propah girls convent school. And we dont stop there, my folks even found a girls convent college for me. I think Dad liked Mom from school but that will be another story.
Today i told Mom I have started my own blog. See I am so full of me. Mom' s praises are all that matter even now. I was  all set to go into a long winding explanation on internet, blogs etc. I know little more than her. But remember she is my Mom and she surprised me by asking "about what ?" She said even Amitabh writes a blog. I went on to say how I am different from him and how my blog is unique and how I dont need  a blog to promote my career. 
Is homemaking a career??????????????


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