I am really lucky. I cant believe it was going to be so easy. Main sochti thi bahut mushkil kaam hai sirf net savvy tech savvy log hi kar sakenge. I still have to figure out a few things here and there. We shall do that on our way.
Actually a friend told me I should write all I do with my life and more so at home with  my children. They are angels no doubt about that. Par saare bacche angels hi to hote hai. Badon ka kuch nahi kaha jaa sakta hai. 
Now there are two fears. First let me tell you i am maha excited about starting my writing not from Brooklyn par hamara bambai. No one calls it by that name any more. Alas!! I am also excited about the world{?? }reading it. But how will I tell people please mera blog padho.... little sidey naa. Also if they dont like will they still say bhhery gooood.
I was reading an old Outlook and all writers had talked about their native place and where  they belong and how it influenced their lives. Nativity theory thi kya??? Relativity ke baare mein toh suna tha. Have to influence and impress all my ad agency friends. Acc to me that is hep and cool. But I still remember even after my graduation I didn t know what was a copy writer and what he does. It was very embarassing when he??? figured I dont know his job profile. What am I talking this is supposed to be a gharelu blog. Corpos ki toh alag duniya hoti hai...........Unke baare mein phir kabhi.
So coming to where I belong, abhi bhi koi puchta hai where am I from then I say Dhanbad. Though i have spent first fifteen years of my life in Jharia. Dhanbad in my mind was the city. Then came to know that the family God Kul Devta is in Kutch Anjar so that is where I am supposed to be from. Wait a minute both my granparents had their maayka and sasuraal in jharia. So now Mom and Dad s nanihal was Jharia. Then one fine day one book happenned which said the Parkeria clan came from a village in Pakistan called Gadh Parker. Kafi cool ho gaye ab hamare roots. Then how the family moved to East India for business we dont know. I always said they owned coal mines before nationalisation which was not so true. It was an uncle whose parents owned it. By the way i have never been inside a coal mine ever in my life. So I am living in Mumbai for the better part of my life and married to a Maharashtrian ( see I play safe in life) what was that lokokti ki nadi mein raho phir magar se bair kaisa. Ok This MNS stuff has really blown my brains. Main bhi apni identity astitva prove karne ki dhun mein hoon............


  1. Paarul devi, pahli baat ki ye aapki diary hai...aapke khayaal hain...bindaas likhte rahiye ...taareefo ke jhanjhat main mat padiye...har nai shuruaat aamtaur pe be-taareef hi rahti hai... aap yon samajhiye ki ek khaas dost ko kisee suna rahi hain...aur dost aisa hai ki jo aapko beech beech main tokta nahi hai...
    shesh kushal...


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