Happy Valentine s Day once again

How do writers write everyday? Can  Money make you  write everyday?
 Valentine s day was a friends class at Shiamak. J and me danced together for one hour. That was a first in our lives. 
I have been going for Shiamak Dawar dance classes since Pranaya turned three months. How after a child is born the parent starts relating all important dates with the child s age. It is one hour class twice a week. I opted for the weekend batch so J is with children when I go for the class. There has always been a fear to say I am learning to dance.When someone asks what dance am i learning, I always say that they make us excercise for half an hour and then teach a few steps. Actually we learn different styles Salsa, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Afro Jazz, Bhangra and my ever favourite Bollywood. Par yeh bolne mein sharam aati hai.
Like once J had visited a village in UP on work. When a friend asked about him I promptly said he has gone to Bulanshahar but will be staying at Delhi for the night. He said there is nothing wrong even if he stays in Bulandshahar!
So Shiamak s class had Devika Pranaya all dressed in workout clothes along with sweatbands sitting and observing us. My Mom at sixty plus was rocking away to Pardesi girl. My sis is the one who inspired me to take on dancing was also a part of the coterie. Then we had my baby Satya and my friend Lisa who is three months pregnant. Satya was the cool dude of the class. It was fun to watch him doing some mean hip shakes. Satya is someone who is always there for me. Someone I feel I have nurtured. It is so joyful to watch him transform from a sapling to a tree. Saari mehnat uski, saara credit mein lena chahti hoon.
Lisa is an American and was watching how we learn all this Bollywood dancing. What i realised is that she is quite good at it. Devika Pranaya had given her enough practise when she was staying at our place.
And we all danced on Dil Mera Hit Hit.....Soniye

Mil  hi jaayega kahin
 dil ko yakeen rehta  hai
woh issi shehar ki galiyon mein 
 kahin rehta hai


  1. Parul,

    You should upload one of your dance videos here :)

    Keep dancing and enjoying.

    ~ Rajni


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