Children and parents

We met our neighbours at the temples . They are a couple with two teenage daughters. Seeing them I am scared of our future. I keep telling hubby all that we will have to deal with when our children grow up.
Devika told them that she wants to live in a bunglow and showed them a picture of the Asian Paints exterior ad saying that was the house she wanted.
One thing I have noticed that parents with only two daughters bond very well. I think these parents are genuinely understanding and calm.
The roof of the Mahim church is flat and not sloping as churches usually have. Saw two men cleaning the terrace while I was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.
Green is my mother in law and my mother s favourite colour. A dash of mustard is always welcome.
At the class I attended on saturday about how to teach your child at home . They said with children there is no quality time, there is only time. That is what you have to give them.

We thought about the time when the baby was yet to be born, how we wanted to give our child the best of everything. How all that got lost in routine and in providing. there was no being with the child.Nanny s diaries a film on star movies also talked about the same.

How all subjects are one and we cant integrate it. Eg Solitary Reaper by Wordsworth could help us teach the child geography. The highlands, the scotland, the lake district, the melting glaciers which caused it, the fertile land, the vegetation( there defintely not rice), the people and who did what in the fields etc etc. What an insight.
I gave birth to my child for love and not give board exams.


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