Amavashya at Shivaji Park

Started with Mom s call saying please give gur , ghee and atta to Brahmin as it is amavasya  new moon today.
Shivaji park Kali mandir was so festive. More than hundred people attending the Arti. Our Panditji was on the stage in front of the Goddess with all forms of Arti- diya, kapur, dhoop, shankh, cloth, water and the fan. With the beat of the dhol, he performed the arti with all the various elements in his hand. For the Shanti Jol, the air was rendered with 'Aee Deekke'. PAnditji obliged all of us with holy water sprayed with a Gende ka phool. Devika and self had pushed our way to right near the puja. Subtle jostling with a few sorries did the trick. The younger Pandit was collecting all the coconuts in a big gunny bag. I must say that marriage has done wonders to him. He was glowing.Told me the new bride has gone to Gaon.
The chairmans  aggression on the pujaris was visible. The crowd was part Bengali and part Maharashtrian. The Bengali ladies were actually in red and white gorgeous cottons. I feel all the Bengali are innately sexy looking. Remember Rakhee in Paroma.


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